All Overlays & Extensions detailed below include treatment to the cutlicles to improve their condition and appearance.

Bio Sculpture Coloured Manicure Overlays from £45.00*

This involves applying 4 coats of bio sculpture gel (dependent on nail conditon and gel type) to the natural nail. A wide selection of colours are available, all of which strenghten the natural nail, leaving a glossy polished finish which will last without chipping for approximetly 3 weeks. (All repeat visits include free removal of the previous overlay) (Treatment Time: 1hour 45mins).

Bio Sculpture French Manicure Overlays from £48.00*

3 coats of clear gel are applied to the natural nail, to provide a strong and shiny finish to the nails. An additional "White" or "Creme" gel is painted along the tip to create a beautiful french finish. The treatment will last for 3 weeks without chipping. (All repeat visits include free removal of the previous overlay) (Treatment Time: 2 hours)

*Price dependant on location - See Availability tab for details

Additional Treatments

Removal (when booked with an Overlay or Extension Treatment) (Bio Removal £Free) (Non Bio Removal £4.00) - Full removal of extensions or overlays, followed by nail & cuticle treatment.

Silk Repair (per nail) (£1.50) - Used to repair breaks in the nail and prevent further damage. (Suitable with Overlay bookings only)

Sculpture (per nail) (£2.50) - Where a nail has been completly broken, it can be re-sculptured with gel to provide a natural finish. (Suitable with Overlay bookings only)

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